Your Chance to Change a Life 



As a sponsor, you will receive letters and photos from a child, and you will have the opportunity to respond to them! Through these artifacts, both sponsor and student will be able to learn about a different culture and will acquire a different life perspective. The sponsor and student will form a unique relationship that will add color and joy to both the lives of the sponsor and the child.



With your support, a student has the chance to attend school -- many kids' dream. The aid will allow the children to purchase school lunches, uniforms, shoes, books, and other supplies.

Typically, the following fees apply:

Baby, middle, and top:100,000 UGX/term, or $30/term.

P1-P7 students in day school:170,000 UGX/term, or $50/term, for a total of $150 a year

P1-P7 in Boarding School: 280,000 UGX per term or $80 per term for a total of $240 a year.

S1-S4 in day school: 320,000 UGX/term, or $92/term, for a total of $276 a year.

S1-S4 in Boarding School: 400,000 UGX/term, or $115/term, for a total of $345 a year

S5-S6: 600,000 UGX/term, or $172/term, for a total of $516 a year.


If a child’s family has money for school fees, then the child can begin school at age three. If not, the child can begin public school at age seven (if they have funds for books, uniforms, and supplies). The school year in Uganda is broken up into three terms. Typically, students attend boarding school in order to receive the best education and they visit their families during the term breaks, if they are financially able to do so. The first term is from February until April, then June to August, and finally October until December. The classes are called baby, middle, top, which correspond to two years of preschool and one year of kindergarten (in the U.S.). Next, they enter Primary 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6, and 7. This corresponds to grade school and middle school in America. Finally, they enter secondary school—levels 1,2,3,4,5, and 6. Completion of S6 is comparable to earning a high school degree in the States, however the greatest amount of dropouts occur at S4 (especially for girls) because school fees increase in secondary school and funding is more difficult to maintain for older students

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