Helping children affected by HIV / AIDS, vulnerable children,  youths and  women empowerment, are  the main  project of our organization. Uganda is among the developing countries. It is one of the countries where its population is seriously affected by Aids. And as well as this disease has led many families to remain poor because one parent dies, the power to increase family income declines significantly.

Street children have continued to grow and lead many children away from school because of the low income of a parent or guardian. After seeing this, I decided to terminate my studies of Degree I had begun to read to help these children at least continue to study. So I began to go through one of the towns and villages to register all non-school children and to pay for them, to buy school fees and to register for school. This project involves children with HIV / AIDS as well as all vulnerable children or  children in needy. (orphans and vulnerable children).

What we are doing is to identify the needy children and to fill their information in  a  special  form, photography and request  people to help these children learn like other children. The major needs of these children are like school clothes, dresses, food, school fees, books, notebooks, food and shoes. Among the most difficult problems that give us a problem is the food for children at school. The country of Uganda depends on rainy agriculture, deforestation has led to  drought . This has led to long-term food shortages in the country.

Many children in our program and those in difficult situations, they do not eat food at school because their parents/ guardians are not able to pay for  them. We as RCCI when we lose the ability to pay for these children, they   will lack something to eat while they are at school. This leads to a lack of responsive in the class and eventually misleading their studies .Although we are proud of the good work we do for our community, but also the needs of these children are a great shock for us every day as we do not know  how we can meet their needs in full. This project has brought us great success because, among the children we started with in our program, today they have begun to study secondary school.

Despite the great effort we make to help these children, the need is still increasing because the number of children is very much comparable to our project ability. Most of our children do not have reliable donors so sometimes when the child’s  tuition  fees  is not paid timely, a child is returned home until the school fee is paid. And when the fees are paid, the child begins to think of going back to  the street and eventually leaves the school completely. This has been a major challenge for us because we do not have enough resources to meet the needs of these children. And this is our biggest project we deal with.  With all the strengths in knowing that, when we stop doing this project, many children will leave school and thus fail to reach their dreams.



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