Our volunteers are basically work with community tourism enterprises in marketing local products like accommodations, village and forest walks, craft shops, hot springs and tradition dances.
Travel Ruboni involved in tourism activities in the valleys of Ruboni, kilembe, Kyalumba its emphasis was mainly on developing community tourism projects jointly with local partner organizations.
Now days the services of Travel Ruboni increasingly focus on marketing, capacity building, and organization strengthening on community tourism.
Travel Ruboni provide advice to a wide variety of organization in tourism sector like, Ruboni community camp, Rwenzori turaco camp, RMs safari lodge, Tour holiday inn-Ibanda, Rwenzori child care initiative, Kiwa Heritage, Nyamuhasana community tourism all along Rwenzori mountains.
With Travel Ruboni, sustainable tourism development is focused on natural resource management, community based organization development, poverty alleviation and distribution of benefits to the large part of the community.
The aim is to "generate optimal additional income and jobs emphasizing targets groups in the different programme areas of Travel Ruboni, with minimum negative impacts on cultural and natural environments". Travel Ruboni places a strong emphasis on social mobilization and local governance linked to community development.



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