Rwenzori Turaco Camp

About Us:

Turaco is a member of The Uganda Community Tourism Association.

Turaco is a location to relax at the base of the Rwenzori Mountains in western Uganda. Rwenzori Turaco View Campsite is a new lodge and offers a restaurant, bar, three safari tents, three rooms accommodation in bandas and the camping site in case you want to camp. The place is community run and co-owned by Mr. John Baluku. The location is in Mihunga village. The camping site has also some eco-san toilets and showers. The restaurant offers typical Ugandan food and is cooked traditionally by warm harted and friendly staff.

Services offered:

  • Hill climbing: Looking for a hike the locals deem a "hill climb"? Explore the area with breathtaking scenic views of Margherita Peak, Africa's third highest mountain, while working up a sweat for a half-day hike.
  • Camping hike: A full emersion "hill climb" experience complete with a night spent camping on the peak.
  • Forest walk: Walk in the forest bordering the UNESCO World Heritage National Park near the base of the Rwenzori Mountains.
  • Village walk: Enjoy an up-close look within the village of Ruboni complete with local storytellers offering information on both the past and present.
  • Organize Safaris: Need help booking your safari? Turaco offers services to either personally guide you to the Mahoma trails or with setting up your safari! Safari services can accommodate up to eight (8) people.


Breakfast: Toast, pancakes, scrambled eggs, fruit, coffee, tea


**Prices range from $5 to $15 depending on your preferred experience.**


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