Rwenzori Child Care Initiative

Rwenzori child care initiative is located in Ruboni village, Bugoye Sub County, Kasese district, Uganda, 

Rwenzori child care initiative is a community based organization and non-profit making that was formed with ideal objectives of charitable services to the orphans, disabled children, needy, women and conservation of natural habitat for the development of tourism and culture in the community of Ruboni.

We focus on tourism to be one of our income generating activity through hand crafts making, tourist information centre, safari company and home stead tourism. In addition, location of the head office does not mean that the organization shall necessarily operate in that area but it can operate far from the head office since it deals with humanities.

Rwenzori child care became a recognized organization in 2012 and it empowers women and the girl child with ideas and skills to liberate them in areas that are most important and vital in their lives. These include maternal and reproductive healthcare, psychosocial support, legal assistance, economic/entrepreneurship growth, maternal and infant mortality all this to curb infant mortality rate, abandoned children, abortions and the rate of school dropout.

Rwenzori child care is dedicated in all round empowerment of vulnerable women through skills development, education, health and social services for single mothers, young women and their families through their community .


Rwenzori child care initiative has 200 children,125 orphans,15 disabled, 20 on girl child education,40 from needy families, and 95 are girls and 105 boys, out of the total number 76% are school going. Purposes

The Initiative’s purposes are:

To promote the rights and obligations of vulnerable children and youth to gain access to, and fully participate in, all facets of life they choose, and
To raise awareness and information about children and youth growth and development, equal access, equal opportunities, equal participation within the community.

Our Goal

Empowering young people with knowledge, information, skills and advocating for the rights.


  • The objectives to which the organization is established are,
  • To improve the social and economic welfare of the orphans and vulnerable children
  • To build the capacity of young people to care and support themselves for their self reliance through skills
  • To support vulnerable children and youth for formal and informal education
  • To promote healthy and sanitation among young people and community members
  • To protect and prevent domestic and community violence in the area
  • To create income generating activities in the area
  • To promote environment protection and conservation among young people
  • To create awareness on the rights of the children and youth particularly the vulnerable
  • To empower the young people with information and skills for self reliance

Our projects activities emphasize:

  • The needs of Vulnerable children in the community where the initiative operates
  • Long-term viability and sustainability of the initiative in the community
  • Education (including literacy) and skills development among young mothers and the youth.
  • Gender equality
  • Livelihoods and food security
  • Health education and psychosocial security
  • HIV and AIDS education and prevention
  • Income generating activities among the care takers and house holds
  • Transformational development, a holistic approach to improving the lives of the poor by recognizing peoples physical, social, spiritual, economic and political needs.



The activities to which the initiative is established are:

  • Community mobilization of parents and caretakers, leaders and opinion leaders for trainings and meetings.
  • Health education to children in hygiene and health right.
  • Skills development in areas of hands on to young mothers, widows and the youth supported by the initiative.
  • Support children with scholastic materials and school requirements to be retained in school.
  • Sensitization of children and community members on the rights of vulnerable children
  • Psychosocial support to vulnerable children in the community supported by the initiative
  • Games and sports among the youth.
  • Trainings and mobilization in various activities like sports, agriculture, conservation and tourism.
  • Sensitization of community members on girl child education.



  • Rwenzori child care has principles that guide to fulfill their objectives;
  • Equity – targeting widows, children and young mothers with special needs
  • Effectiveness- offer services and programs that have proven benefits and follow the client centered focus of integrated care.
  • Relevance – address issues of significance to women, children and young mothers.
  • Appropriateness – services delivered with sensitivity to a diverse client base of children and young mothers.
  • Commitment and passion
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Human development and investment
  • Team work
  • Self respect
  • Participation
  • Non discrimination

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